Robotic Table Soccer

The aim of this work is to propose a single axis control of table football with measuring the position of the ball with suitable camera and validate this proposed solution. Axis is moved by two motors, one rotates with the axis and the other moves with axis in a horizontal direction, but their movements are not independent, therefore it is necessary to implement synchronization between them. The system is controlled by an industrial solution from Siemens, data transfer between the controller, camera and the engines is provided by a real-time Profinet network. The output of this work is the functional control of one axis, initialization of relative position sensors after turning on, the functional monitoring of the situation on the playing surface with suitable camera, and also the draft of hardware modifications of axis, analysis of the system possibilities and eventually design of further modifications to improve performance of the whole system.

Below you can see some videos that document the work results.

The work is also available for download below, including the annexes. Unfortunatelly in Czech only.

Download documents (only in Czech)
EN: Master's thesis: Robotic Table Soccer
CZ: Diplomová práce: Robotický stolní fotbal
EN: Annex of master's thesis: Detailed configuration of the Siemens Simotion system with Profinet IRT
CZ: Příloha diplomové práce: Detailní konfigurace systému Siemens Simotion s Profinet IRT
EN: Annex of master's thesis: Detailed configuration of smart camera Cognex In-Sight
CZ: Příloha diplomové práce: Detailní konfigurace inteligentní kamery Cognex In-Sight