Sun Sensor

Sun Sensor is my bachelor's thesis at the Czech Technical University.

The goal is to design algorithms for determining the position and orientation based on the observation path of the Sun across the sky. It also includes the design of an experimental solar sensor. At fig. 1 is simplified principle of this problem.

Fig. 1 - Simplified principle

The documents describing all the work are at the end of this page, unfortunately only in Czech.
Below are some photos and measured data.

Fig. 2 - Example of measured data

Fig. 3 - Measuring app in MatLab

Fig. 4 - Experimental sensor

Work includes application for detection Sun on the sky. Short video from this app si below.

Download documents
EN: Bachelor's thesis: Sun Sensor for Attitude Evaluation
CZ: Bakalářská práce: Využití slunečního senzoru pro určení orientace
EN: Source codes - MatLab
CZ: Zdrojové kódy - MatLab